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Mind The Gap

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About Us

Bridging The Gap
Between Mind and Body.

Addressing both the mind and the body in mental healthcare is crucial! Our mental and emotional states are closely linked to our physical health, and vice versa. We prioritize working students who are interested in and passionate about interdisciplinary healthcare. 

Internship Opportunities

Mind The Gap believes in the value of all people, and proudly serving our entire community regardless of cultural and racial backgrounds, countries of origin, sexual orientations, gender identifications, bodies, abilities, religions, and political affiliations. 

Our internship program allows us to provide quality mental healthcare to all of our community, regardless of socioeconomic status. Our interns see individuals, couples, families, and co-facilitate groups. 

Application Process: 

1) Application

We require all internship candidates to begin the process by completing this application: 

Internship Application

2) Email

After you complete the application, email a copy of your resume or CV to

3) Interview

We'll reach out a month prior to the start of each semester to schedule an interview with every qualifying applicant. 

Student Expectations

Our internship students provide 15 hours of direct service hours per week. This can be made up of individual, couples, family, or group sessions. Students are only considered for placements lasting a minimum of 2 consecutive semesters.

Interns are expected to be available Monday - Friday with morning, afternoon, and evening availability. All students will receive a minimum of 1 hour supervision every week, group supervision once per month, and are expected to participate in monthly staff meetings.

The Ideal Candidate:


Our site utilizes a whole-person perspective in providing mental healthcare, which requires an passion for interdisciplinary collaboration. 


Our site is trauma-focused and informed. Applicants with an interest in and experience with working from a trauma-informed perspective are prioritized.

Growth Mindset

Our site utilizes evidence-based assessments to collect symptom and clinical performance data. Applicants who are open to and can apply feedback are prioritized.

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