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Adult DBT Skills Group

DBT is an evidence-based therapy based on the work of Marsha Linehan. This group is ongoing, continually rotating through 4 modules: Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness. Through this program, participants learn to manage overwhelming emotions, effectively cope with crisis behavior, become more present, and build meaningful long-lasting relationships.

Adult dbt skills group




per session


Every wednesday

James Boehm, Alliance Counseling

"When I think of a place and persons to refer my clients with full confidence of receiving the upmost care, Dakota and Kaylin Lawrence always come first to my mind. It is one thing to have the training and schooling; it is another to have that sincere desire to serve our clients out of concern and care for their clients. YOu are in good hands with Dakota and Kaylin!.

Abby Graham, LPC-MHSP

"Kaylin and Dakota are exceptional clinicians. They are skilled in helping people experience relief and safety in their bodies and minds, often when they are in the midst of extreme physical and emotional pain. No matter the circumstances, Kaylin and Dakota meet each of their clients wholeheartedly, balancing the art and science of therapy in a ways that helps people create measurable change and growth."

Rayne Satterfield, The Self-Care Spot

“Dakota is a knowledgeable, compassionate, and skilled therapist. He is gentle and understanding. Kaylin is one of the best! She fights for her clients and has loads of compassion. She is knowledgable and skilled at helping her clients reach their goals. I fully trust referring clients to Kaylin and seek her guidance and wisdom often.”

Would I Benefit From DBT?

DBT has been shown to improve overall presence and quality of life. Participants will learn to manage difficult and overwhelming emotions, manage crisis behavior, build meaningful relationships, and more! What kind of issues benefit the most from an DBT group? Here's just a few: 

Image by Uday Mittal
Image by Gregory Pappas
Personality Disorders
Image by Stormseeker
Substance Abuse
Image by Joice Kelly
Trauma Symptoms
Image by Luis Villasmil
Relationship Issues
Image by Josh Calabrese

Adult dbt skills group




per session


every wednesday

Your Facilitator:

Hi! I'm Dakota.

How can I help you today? 

I’m passionate about helping adults and adolescents heal from the pain of their past and grow into lives that bring them joy and fulfillment. You may be dealing with chronic pain, depression, trauma, or just feel lost or stuck. Let’s work together to figure out what brings you meaning, joy, and peace to your life.


Dakota Lawrence

Lead Therapist


Free Consultation


112 S Maple St 

Murfreesboro, TN, 37130




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