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Groups and Classes

Our groups are all geared toward onboarding the essential skills you need to navigate life's biggest challenges. A lot of people hear the word "group" and worry that they'll have to share their deep dark secrets with a bunch of strangers. Don't sweat it! Our groups are focused on usage. While not a substitute for individual therapy, these programs are meant to accelerate the learning happening in individual counseling.

Current Groups

Our groups are structured more like classes. We do discuss personal experiences, but it's in the context of learning and practicing new skills to navigate the challenges of life. Our groups are a great add-on to therapy and allow you to practice new tools while building a sense of community. 

Adult DBT Skills Group

Our Adult DBT Skills Group is a psychoeducational group aimed at helping you learn the essential skills for staying safe, managing difficult or overwhelming emotions, and build meaningful and long-lasting relationships. 

Parent/Teen DBT Group

Our Parent/Teen DBT Skills Group is a psychoeducational group aimed at helping teens learn the essential skills for staying safe and parents learn how they can help. We address difficult emotions, unsafe behavior, building meaningful relationships, and more!

Life Skills Group

This group is for emerging adults with neurodivergence that are experiencing the stressful yet exciting life transition of high school to college or the workplace. This group is designed to provide support and useful skills while also helping you manage the stress that often accompanies this time of transition.

Current Drop-Ins & Trainings

Our drop-in's are offered 100% free to members of the community as part of our drive to give back to the community we're a part of. No sign up required! 

Our trainings are evidence based and available for workplaces, therapy practices, or students. Reach out today to find out more information about price and availability!

Mindfulness Drop-Ins

This group is a FREE group, open to the community. Mindfulness is an evidence-based practice defined as "paying attention, on purpose, without judgment". Mindfulness has tons of great evidence for helping with things like depression, anxiety, chronic pain, trauma symptoms, sleep, and stress.

Mindfulness and  

Interoception is our 8th sense. That’s right! We have more than 5 senses. This sense monitors sensation in our heart, lungs, stomach, muscles, etc and relays this information to your brain. Your brain then uses this information as clues to determine current emotion: angry, anxious, excited, etc. Awareness of these important body signals has a tremendous impact on our ability to identify and then regulate our emotions.


This training offers an in-depth introduction and exploration into our 8th sense, the impact of trauma, genetics, and attachment on our sensory system, and how to utilize mindfulness based interventions to effectively navigate clients through some of their most significant trauma symptoms. Attendees will learn how to engage clients in a basic interoception assessment, how to incorporate relevant sensory data into case conceptualization and treatment planning, begin practicing several mindfulness-based tools for trauma-informed intervention, and identify several community resources for additional support in this area.

Introduction to DBT

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is an evidence-based treatment that is useful in treatment a variety of presenting problems including suicide, self-harm, depression, anxiety, and personality disorders. This 3-hour introduction to DBT presents a basic roadmap outlining the basic therapeutic framework of DBT, an in-depth introduction to the 4 modules of DBT (mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness), the components of “full” DBT for clinical use (individual therapy, skills group, coaching, and consultation), and discusses it’s application to a variety of client presentations.


Attendees will leave with a basic understanding of DBT’s core components, practice utilizing this framework to treatment plan through the DBT lens, and learn how to apply several concrete tools from each of the 4 DBT modules to their current practice.

Based Stress Reduction

We offer an 8-week MBSR program which can be held at the facility of your choice. MBSR is an 8-week program that introduces mindfulness practices in a variety of forms. This program is aimed at reducing stress, working with chronic physical or mental distress, and improving overall health and well-being.

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