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What is "Occupational Therapy"?

Many people have never heard of an Occupational Therapist, and those that have often relate OT to helping those with physical dysfunction or working with kids. 

While these things are true, Occupational Therapy is so much more! OTs bridge the gap between physical and mental healthcare. Our OTs strive to provide holistic, person-centered care to assist individuals of all ages in building a life worth living. If you are looking for a therapist that can assist you in finding creative coping strategies, regulate your sensory system, modify or adapt your environment for optimal independence, improve your life skills, or support you through a major role or life transition, occupational therapy is the fit for you. 

Holistic Mental Health Therapy
in Murfreesboro, TN

ADHD Interventions

ADHD can be both a blessing and (occasionally) a curse. It's not uncommon to struggle with organization, hyperfocus, and to have difficulty maintaining a helpful routine. OT is perfect for helping your brain and our body develop a flow that keeps you moving toward all those big goals you want to accomplish!


Sometimes people over use or abuse substances because they're trying to manage their internal emotions with an external tool. OT offers a wide variety of hands on skills and tools to replace those strategies that are not working as well for us anymore. 

Trauma-Informed Behavior Modification

Sometimes we find ourselves (or our children) engaging in repetitive unhealthy or destructive behavior that seems "out of control". Whether it's problems at school, at home, or at the workplace OT offers concrete ways of decreasing the frequency of unhelpful behavior and increasing the frequency of healthy behavior.


ASD doesn't mean that something is "wrong" with you, it just means that your brain works a little different than other peoples. Neurodivergence is a superpower! Sometimes we just need a little extra support moving through a world that wasn't built for us.

Sensory Assessment

Our emotions are embodied. Our 8 senses (yes, there are 8!) are the way we interact with the world around us. Our sensory system also plays a big role in how we cope and how we feel. We can change how much or how little input we're getting to better meet our sensory (and emotional) needs.

Coping Skills

Sometimes, we know what we need to do, but we don't know how to get there. We are trained to offer a wide variety of coping skills from DBT, CBT, general life-skills or more! Whatever obstacle is getting in your way, we'll help you construct a new tool kit to build the life you are most passionate about living.

Meet Your Therapist

My name is Kaylin Lawrence

I’m an Occupational Therapist who is passionate about helping individuals across the life span develop life and work skills, emotional regulation techniques, sensory strategies, interpersonal skills, and grow into a life that brings joy and fulfillment. You may be dealing with difficulties adapting to current life demands or transition periods, struggle with sensory sensitivities, find difficulty with parenting, or are just ready for a hands-on skill and activity-based approach to therapy. Let’s work together to figure out what brings you meaning, independence, and stability in your life.

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Meet Your Therapist

My name is Cassidy Berry

I’m passionate about helping adults and adolescents heal from the pain of their past and grow into lives that bring them joy and fulfillment. You may be dealing with chronic pain, depression, trauma, or just feel lost or stuck. Let’s work together to figure out what brings you meaning, joy, and peace to your life.

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Meet Your Therapist

My name is Katy Schmidt 

I value collaboration and partnership, prioritizing your unique experiences, motivations, and goals. Using a holistic approach, we will address emotional, social, and physical health to improve your life satisfaction.

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