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Trauma & PTSD

Experiencing a traumatic event can be overwhelming, leaving a lasting impact on your well-being. Whether caused by relationships with those who should prioritize our safety or other factors, trauma affects us emotionally, psychologically, and even physiologically.


Understanding the profound effects of trauma on our health is crucial, and therapy plays a vital role in untangling its impact. Check out the following resources to gain further insight into the intricate ways trauma impacts our well-being. Remember, seeking professional help is essential in overcoming trauma.

What is Trauma? 

What Causes Trauma? 

Trauma is caused by events that significantly overwhelm our perceived abilities to cope. Often, there a threat to the physical or emotional safety of ourselves or our loved ones. These big events have a dramatic impact on our body, brain, and nervous system. 

Our brain's #1 goal is to keep us safe and alive. To do this, it has to learn what's dangerous and what's not. When we've survived a trauma, sometimes our brain tries to keep us safe by cranking up the sensitivity on our "danger radar" system. Our nervous system and sensory system become hyper-attuned to even the slightest indication of possible danger. Upon perceiving this possible danger signal, our brain then sets off a really big reaction: racing heart, tense muscles, sweating, or emotional numbness. 

Our brain has forgotten how to tell when we're "safe" and when we're in danger. Trauma therapy is all about re-teaching the brain when we're safe and when we're not. 

How Do We Heal From Trauma? 

Image by Nahil Naseer

Quick Coping Tip: TIP The Temperature

When we've been triggered, often our body temperature increases as anxiety and panic set in. We can utilize ice or cold water to activate the "dive response" in our body, shocking the nervous system just enough to begin calming down. Try holding an ice back over your eyes while holding your breath for 15-30 seconds. Notice how the heart rate and breath change.

How Can We Help? 

Our therapist are trauma trained, experienced, and certified. We offer individual therapy, group therapy, and occupational therapy to engage you as a whole-person while you work towards healing. 

Trauma by it's very definition is terrifying and overwhelming! Our therapists are ready to walk with you in the dark and guide you when you feel lost. You don't have to heal alone. 


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